Motionwear Fall 2018 Fashion

We just received our newest merchandise for the Back to Dance season and it is fabulous! This fall fashion line has to be seen to be believed. The line is split up into a few different categories which are going to make it so hard for you to choose just one.

*Some designs available in children’s sizes.*

Floral Foil Designs

For this category, Motionwear drew inspiration from “beautiful gardens in the night, representing classic elegance with a delicate moonlit shine.”


This latest trend in dance wear this year is velvet and it’s going to be huge. For our second category, Motionwear is blurring the lines between “evening and athletic wear by pairing lush velour and mesh with athletic silhouettes.”

Neutral Tones

This final category is filled with nude and neutral tones. With these leotards, Motionwear is merging the lines of high fashion and dance.

& for the little ones…

As always, stop into the store to see what colors and sizes we have available.

Happy Shopping!