Customer Appreciation Event

We are so excited to host our second Customer Appreciation Event this Saturday at the store. Every dance season we are amazed to see so many familiar faces show up again and again and we love getting to help everyone get ready for the year ahead. To show our gratitude, we like to celebrate with an event that let’s us give back to our loyal customers.

This year’s event is going to be a blast. We have a lot going on throughout the day but here are a few happenings that will be taking place.

Giveaways & Raffles

The first 100 Customers will receive a free dance bag, which will also include some awesome dance gear. We will also be raffling off items throughout the day including Capezio Duffle Bags+ dance gear, a SoDanca Leotard of your choice, & a $100 Capezio Shopping Spree!

This year, we are also giving away a 1-Hour Contemporary Photography Photo shoot. Each purchase gets entered to win the drawing.

Exciting Happenings

We are super excited to have our Motionwear Representative, Kristen, in the store to present their latest designs and to give you all a chance to pre-order merchandise.

We will have a photographer on site all day to get the cutest candid shots of you and your friends and to grab some pictures in front of our backdrop. Don’t forget that our newest Barre Room t-shirt design will also be making its debut.

We will see you all here on Saturday from 10:00-4:00 for our HUGE event!

Audition Ready

Believe it or not-- it's already that time of year again: local Nutcracker auditions! This weekend, many of our local dancers will audition for the ballet production here in Uniontown. While many of our customers are seasoned veterans, we have others who may be auditioning for their very first times. Whether you've graced the stage as the Sugar Plum Fairy or are hopeful to land the roll of a mouse- we have some tips to get you audition ready!

What to Wear

Dancers should wear a black leotard and pink tights. Lucky for you, we've recently received a new order of black leotards at the store. (See our previous post here.) Come let us help you find the perfect audition leotard to make you feel amazing. 


Dancer's hair should be tightly secured in a ballet bun. According to, the reason a ballet bun is best is because it effects your muscle memory and balance, among other reasons. 

Are you looking to make the most perfect ballerina bun? Stop in and let us help you be prepared with all the right accessories.

Are you looking to make the most perfect ballerina bun? Stop in and let us help you be prepared with all the right accessories.


It's always great to have a clean pair of ballet shoes. Stop into the store for a new pair of shoes that will look audition ready. For Uniontown specifically, those dancers who are on pointe should take both ballet and pointe shoes when auditioning.


Arrive a few minutes early and make sure you take the time to properly stretch your muscles. You wouldn't want to risk an injury during your audition because you weren't fully stretched. Plus, you will be warmed up and ready to go instead of rushing in last minute. 

Most of all, be confident,graceful, and poised! 

Motionwear Fall 2018 Fashion

We just received our newest merchandise for the Back to Dance season and it is fabulous! This fall fashion line has to be seen to be believed. The line is split up into a few different categories which are going to make it so hard for you to choose just one.

*Some designs available in children’s sizes.*

Floral Foil Designs

For this category, Motionwear drew inspiration from “beautiful gardens in the night, representing classic elegance with a delicate moonlit shine.”


This latest trend in dance wear this year is velvet and it’s going to be huge. For our second category, Motionwear is blurring the lines between “evening and athletic wear by pairing lush velour and mesh with athletic silhouettes.”

Neutral Tones

This final category is filled with nude and neutral tones. With these leotards, Motionwear is merging the lines of high fashion and dance.

& for the little ones…

As always, stop into the store to see what colors and sizes we have available.

Happy Shopping!

New SoDanca Inventory

"Style- all who have it share one thing: originality." -Diana Vreeland

This week, we received a new line of leotards from So Danca. This new inventory includes fun cut outs, outlines, and exudes comfort. These leotards are the perfect addition to every dancer's closet for the new dance year. 

Be sure to stop into the store to see the different colors and sizes available in each style.

We also received some new leotards and dresses in children's sizes. Let your little ballerina shine in one of these newest arrivals.

 If you're interested in purchasing one of these fabulous new leotards, give us a call at


and we can give you some more information.

We are currently operating under extended hours for the back to dance season. All purchases receive 15% off from now until September 29, 2018. *Some exclusions apply*.

Extended Store Hours

Monday-Friday 10:00 AM - 8:00 PM

Saturday 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM





Hey, everyone! Welcome to our first official blog post at The Barre Room. We are so excited to start this new journey. Our goal is to post weekly about the many different dance related topics that surround our store.

Today, we'd like to take the time to tell you a little about ourselves.

Crystal Bogorae, Owner

Crystal Bogorae, Owner

“The Barre Room was founded by Sharon Davison over 40 years ago with Pat Ellsworth. Working side by side, Sharon and Pat set the high standard of excellent customer service. I started my journey in 1994 when I was 17 years old. Having been a dancer and working under Sharon and Pat, I gained the experience and knowledge necessary to offer a high level of expertise to our dancers. In 2007, The Barre Room was purchased by Angelo Runfola and his family. At that time, the Runfola family owned 5 dance stores in the greater Buffalo, New York area known as Bailey Slipper Shop. Being their store manager and a part of their large family owned business, I gained even more valuable experience and knowledge in serving dancers and running the day to day business operations at The Barre Room.”

Megan Coll

Megan Coll

“My dance journey began in 1998, when I became a student of the late Joan Kalivoda. As my years of dance continued, so did my trips to The Barre Room, a special place for all local dancers. Shortly after entering into college, I began working at The Barre Room. During this time, I also had the pleasure of becoming a dance educator. For the past several years, I've gotten to enjoy being surrounded by the other side of the dance world-- learning to properly fit dancers for shoes, getting to assist with the ordering, and learning the ins and outs of the business. Now, I am a full time employee of The Barre Room and have the privilege of doing what I love every day.”



Next week, we will feature some of the new styles that will be fashionable for the Back to Dance Season. We have some fun topics planned, but also want to know what would you like to hear about? Let us know via the comments section.


Sincerely yours in the love of dance,

Crystal & Megan